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Dyomedea: Eric van der Vlist

Portrait Eric van der Vlist


Eric van der Vlist is CEO and founder of Dyomedea since 1999.

He has, before starting Dyomedea, managed technical teams for 6 years at Sybase.
At Sybase, he has also developed an Intranet to facilitate team operations and access to the technical support legacy system.

This engineer, graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris (1981) has also managed development teams for small companies and worked for 6 years at Philips.

He has a passion for technique (especially for Internet, XML and open source software) and, open minded, has developed a global knowledge of the different activities of a company.


Building sets allowing the most combinations are those whose pieces are the simplest.

Following this observation, Eric favours the usage of independent core pieces of software with well defined outlines.

And, as these software should also be fixable or modified by yourself in case you need it, he is using almost exclusively free software or Open Source which definition is made without any commercial or marketing consideration and are more open and transparent than traditional software.

Amongst others, he is using Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, Perl, PHP3, Java blackdown et XT.

His current hot subject is the usage of XML et XSLT, two W3C standards allowing the separation between the content and the presentation of documents.

This site which has been entirely described using XML has been his first concrete experience in this area!

And father...

When Eric has stopped working, he... is still working!

Father of 4 children, he is also keen of gardening and hand working, he is repairing a farm in Normandy with 1.7 hectares of land.

Amongst his other passions, we have to mention bee-keeping, walking, diving and photography.

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