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Specialized portals

Conception and animation of Internet portals to advocate the usage of new technologies.
XMLfr : First French speaking portal fully dedicated to XML and powered by XML, XMLfr is a communication media used by world-wide developers united by their common passion for XML technologies.

dsdl.org : Dyomedea is in charge of the technical design and implementation, hosting and administration of the ISO DSDL project site.


Dyomedea is involved in normalization efforts:

  • Member of the ISO DSDL ,editor of part 10 defining a validation and transformation interoperability framework.
  • Founding member of the RSS 1.0 Working Group.

And has launched several open source projects:

  • TreeBind : Java binding API between different hierarchical structure such as XML and Java objects.
  • Examplotron: XML Schemas by example.
  • XSLTunit: Test unit framework for XSLT.
  • xvif: XML validation and transformation interoperability framework working with a high level of granularity (xvif works on nodes rather than documents).

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