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Dyomedea: Customised trainings

Highly competitive

The cost of our trainings is very attractive compared to the trainings available out of the shelf:
  • It is independent of the number of attendees.
  • Only the the trainer is commuting, this is less expensive than commuting all the attendees.
  • The agenda is adapted to your needs, the topics that are useless for you are dropped and the duration of the training is reduced.
  • The exercises are adapted to your projects and the content of the training can be put in practice immediately.

Customised trainings

Our trainings are customised, delivered by one of the best expert worldwide and highly competitive compared to other standard trainings.

These trainings are delivered at our customers and the agenda is decided in common to take our availability into account.

The price is independent of the number of attendees (it is recommended to limit this number to a maximum of ten attendees to maintain a good learning experience). It is competitive compared to "out of the shelf" training if there are four attendees or more.

It includes the electronic delivery of the training materials, the delivery of the training and, when possible, the adaptation of the exercises to your projects.

It does not include the adaptation of the training material to your specific needs when this would require an heavy workload nor the travel costs from Paris (France).

The training requires a room with a video-projector and working stations for the attendees (if possible one station per attendees, otherwise no less than one station per two attendees).

oXygen XML editor The work stations must be equipped with an XML editor. We recommend oXygen for his flawless support -on multiple platforms- of the technologies that are covered in our trainings, but other editors can also be used.

Price and availability: vdv@dyomedea.com.

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