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Training Dyomedea : Introduction to XML


Introduction to XML

Both a core technology and a simple specification, XML has given birth in its three years of existence to hundreds of acronyms and applications.

This one day seminar takes you for a one day tour within the XML galaxy to appreciate the technical reality against the hype, understand how the many specifications fit together and know how to orient tour next researches.

IT specialists (project managers, developers, architects, ...) wanting to acquire a general vision of the XML world.
1 day
  1. History: SGML, HTML and XML
  2. W3C XML specifications (XML, DOM, Namespaces, XInclude, XLink, XPointer, XPath, XSL, XSLT, SVG, XHTML, RDF, ...).
  3. Vertical standards.
  4. XML Protocols (SOAP, XML-RPC, ...).
  5. Usages of XML (CMS, Internet, eCommerce, Web Services, Semantic Web, Document preservation, configuration files, ...).
  6. XML toolbox (Parsers SAX and DOM, XSLT processors, ...).
  7. Other tools (editors, browsers, Web servers, CMS, databases, publication frameworks, middleware, ...).
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