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Dyomedea: Amsterdam albatross

Amsterdam albatross

Diomedea amsterdamensis

Albatros d'Amsterdam en vol

Poussin albatros d'AmsterdamNear cousin of the Royal albatross, it's the biggest albatross of the island (107-135 cm with a wingspan reaching 2,80 to 3,40 m).

Very uncommon, this albatross is specific to Amsterdam island and it has been identified as such in 1981, one year before my stay on the island and in 1982 only 1 couple has nested in the island.

He nests in the ancient crater at the centre of the island, on a very flat ground which doesn't help him to take off...

It's a very curious bird which comes to visit the photographs so near that some of my pictures have been taken with a wide-angle lens!

Parade albatros Amsterdam

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